Sunday, April 19, 2009

It seems I’m an extremist.

So it seems I am a right wing extremist. The latest warning from DHS has a number of concerns and a number of flags that seems to point directly at me. Let’s list them off.

I am a veteran – not only that, I am one of those there Vietnam Veterans and we all know how “they” are. I am one of those medal winners and a lifer to boot. A real danger if ever I saw one. First Square filled – Veteran.

AP4I have an assault weapon. Brand new, just outta the box. A Panther Arms LR-308 AP4. It will take down just about anything on 2 or 4 legs  with a single round out to 200 yards. With my new EOTECH 512, simply putting the 1 MOA dot on your target ensures a solid hit out to 200 yards. Since target acquisition is done with both eyes open situational awareness is easily maintained. Second square filled – owns an assault weapon.

1911May pack a pistol. Well, in my case a .357, .22, .45 or 9mm. To add to the concern, I am one of those concealed carry permit holders. Yep, I can legally walk around with all this fire power tucked in my pants. (humm, that doesn’t sound quite right, does it). Third square filled – packs a pistol.

May spend time at a shooting range. Hummm – does a thousand rounds a year count as range time? Actually closer to two thousand if you count the lowly .22. And now with the new AP4, I suspect even more time will be needed. So check four – range time.

May be anti-abortion. Well, since I consider an abortion killing a human I suspect I fill check five.

obama deficitsUnhappy with the government. Gee – what could I find fault with? A President and Congress about to run a 2 trillion dollar deficit this year alone, 5 times more that our nation has run during its entire history, I would have to say I am a bit pissed off. Check six.

Isn’t it interesting that this administration can point their finger towards our nation’s citizens and imply that many veterans and concerned citizens are a terrorist threat while the word “terrorist” no longer applies to the Islamofacists still very much interested in inflicting death and pain on our country.  Obviously The Big “O” has a few life lessons to learn yet – they will be painful lessons – for all of us.

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